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The Four Seasons Sanger Flower Mermaid Tail
The Four Seasons Sanger Flower Mermaid Tail
The Four Seasons Sanger Flower Mermaid Tail

    The Four Seasons Sanger Flower Mermaid Tail


    The Seamaid Design original mermaid fishtail uses a new type of special thickened double-sided fabric, whose underwater performance is excellent compared with other similar products in the market.

    The fabric has the advantages of neutral buoyancy, wear resistance, medium elasticity with a strong wrap feeling while maintaining comfort during dressing and roll undressing.

    Through the imported 3D digital printing and dyeing technology, it displays exclusive original design patterns, high color saturation, high color resistance to outdoor factors, and design graphics with high-definition.


    Mermaid fish tails is a kind of professional underwater equipment for mermaid models, and divers. It is easy to carry, and can be used in photography, underwater entertainment, and other fields to provide a variety of creative materials. It is neutral in buoyancy, neither overweight nor over-floating, and performs in a 3D style underwater.

    Special fabric composition: 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

    380g weighted and thickened fabric is designed into three-layer structure, namely the three-piece fabric structure of inner, middle and outer, so as to form an air blanket in the fabric, and maintain warmth. The composition of polyester fiber is not prone to produce wrinkles, and the spandex component makes the fabric more elastic, which makes the fabric more close-fitting. The fabric’s liquid absorption is easy to saturate, and its discharge speed is fast which contributes to a high drying speed.

    Both sides of the fabric are plainly woven, smooth and shiny, which makes the mermaid tail more comfortable to wear during underwater movement.

    Order Notes:

    1. Customer support will contact you for filling in the product size order form.

    2. The production time of mermaid tail is 1-3 days. Urgent orders can be requested directly to the customer support.

    Note: For your safety, you can use after systematically learning mermaid-related courses, or wear and use it under the guidance of professionals.

    1. It is recommended to soak the product first before wearing. It is more convenient to put on and take off;

    2. When the product is a zipper-free style, it is recommended to put the swim fins into the bottom opening and then insert the legs into the product.

    3. When the product is a zipper style, it is recommended to open the zipper. First put the swim fins into the bottom of the product, and put them flat, then insert your legs into the product, then close the zipper;

    4. Finally, adjust the waist, hips, legs and other parts, smooth the wrinkles and enjoy the mermaid journey.

    1. After each use, the product should be washed with clean water, and should not be washed with strong acid or alkali cleaning products;

    2. The product can be gently machine washed, but it should not be spin-dried to prevent damage to the side fins or other loose parts;

    3. Product drying should avoid sunshine exposure or long time exposure to prevent fabric aging or color degradation which significantly shortens the product life;

    4. The zipper in the product must not be utilised with brute force when in use;

    5. Wash the product separately from other items, and avoid mixing it with other coloured clothing before it dries to avoid being stained.